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Citrus Hystrix Kaffir Lime Espallier

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Citrus Hystrix Kaffir Lime Espallier

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This citrus is native to the Far East and is much used in the cuisine of the area. In particular the leaves are used, either fresh or dried. The fruit is green in colour and considered too bitter for culinary use although the zest is commonly used. The aromatic leaves have a distinctive double shape. It is well suited to container growing and in this country needs to be kept inside for the winter period to protect from frost. Very fragrant white flowers are borne at any time. The young foliage is a dark almost purple colour. The branches carry thorns.

The Kaffir Lime plant flowers and fruits throughout the year. The flowers are white and highly fragrant; the limes are dark green with a bumpy surface.

  • Citrus hystrix
  • Height: 25-30cm above the soil
  • Epsalier
  • Evergreen, vigourous growers
  • Easy to care for

The leaves of the Kaffir Lime are a popular ingredient in South East Asian cooking such as Thai, Malay and Indonesian; they can be used fresh or dried. Both the zest and juice of the fruit can also be used in cookery.

Keep your Kaffir Lime plant in a south-facing, sunny spot on a windowsill, or in a conservatory or greenhouse. They can be taken outdoors in the summer and placed in a sheltered, sunny spot. From Mar-Sep, feed weekly with a summer citrus feed to encourage new growth. From Oct-Feb, feed occasionally with a winter citrus feed.
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