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Cloud Tree - Ilex Crenata Kinme (Japanese Holly)

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Cloud Tree - Ilex Crenata Kinme (Japanese Holly)

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As the name suggests, this Ilex Crenata Kinme (Japanese Holly) has had each branch carefully trimmed to give the plant the appearance of a cloud.

  • Ilex crenata Kinme
  • Cloud Shaped
  • Height: about 110cm above the soil
  • Spread: about 70cm

Ilex crenata is a holly but, unlike normal holly, it has small, non-prickly leaves, not unlike buxus, and it clips very well into a topiary shape such as this cloud tree.

A slow-growing evergreen species from Japan and Korea, Ilex crenata can be grown in almost any soil so long as it is moist and well drained.