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Rosemary Standard on 20cm Stem

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Rosemary Standard on 20cm Stem

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With lollipop heads on woody stems, these specimen rosemary standards are larger and more decorative than the usual small rosemary shrubs, just perfect for planting in a container to add fragrance and colour to your patio for example.

  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • About 40cm tall including 15cm lead stem
  • Spread: about 20cm
  • Plants arrive in standard plastic nursery pots (pictured)

Rosemary flowers very early in the year and is perfect for a sunny spot in the garden with well-drained soil - it likes to get its roots deep into a stony soil. If grown in containers, rosemary needs deep pots and compost containing plenty of grit. Trim the plant well immediately after flowering to maintain attractive and bushy growth. These plants are large enough for you to take clippings for propagation or to use in cooking or fragrant bouquets.

Use rosemary with meat, especially lamb, and other savoury dishes. Rosemary can also be used with sweeter food such as apples, summer wine cups and as flavouring in cakes. For medicinal purpose, rosemary can be used in shampoos as an effective hair tonic.

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