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Willow Sculpture (Salix americana) - Strength 1.6m

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Willow Sculpture (Salix americana) - Strength 1.6m

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These willow sculptures offer something truly unique to a garden or patio. Strength is created using young, 1 year old, willow sticks. The way the willow is twisted around the iron stand creates a beautiful harlequin pattern when you view the sculpture from a distance.

Achieve some stunning effects by adding up lighters in the base to cast light through the willow or use fairy lights to drape on the stems or fill the central column.

  • Salix americana
  • Height: about 130-140cm above the soil
  • 100cm clear stem
  • Spread: about 70-80cm
This fully hardy shrub is easy to care for and thrives in most soil types and conditions, even heavy clay or moisture retentive soils. Pruning in the spring will ensure an abundant supply of attractive leaves.