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Willow Sculpture (Salix purpurea wellecs) - Tranquility 110cm

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Willow Sculpture (Salix purpurea wellecs) - Tranquility 110cm

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These willow sculptures offer something truly unique to a garden or patio. This Tranquility willow sculpture has a classic design making it a very popular choice. The simple and symmetrical trunk and voluminous crown really catch attention and look great lit with up lighters in the base or with fairy lights either around or inside the stems.

Tranquility is made of 30-40 willow sticks which are weaved using three to four sticks in each direction. Over the years the willow sticks will grow together where they cross and become one single willow tree.

  • Salix purpurea wellecs
  • Height: about 110-120cm above the soil
  • 75cm clear stem
  • Spread: about 30-40cm
This fully hardy shrub is easy to care for and thrives in most soil types and conditions, even heavy clay or moisture retentive soils. Pruning in the spring will ensure an abundant supply of attractive leaves.

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