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Bird Table

Topiary Bird Table Ligustrum

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18L 150cm

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For Nature & Bird Lovers

Did you know the number of birds in Britain is in decline?

Birds need food and somewhere safe to eat, but they can’t always find this in our gardens.

You can help attract garden birds by providing a bird table in your garden - Imagine how relaxing it will be watching them in your garden, listening to their songs and seeing their babies grow up.

With our unique topiary bird table you’ll be able to watch all this happen.

Our topiary artist came up with the idea for a topiary bird box when he noticed that birds were nesting in our lollipop trees! It only made sense to make a bird table as well.

Feeding birds is a great British obsession and thanks to these handmade bird tables, crafted by our topiary artist in the New Forest, the birds in your garden can eat the food you give them with the protection of a tree.

They are made from a Ligustrum delavayanum tree with an overall height of 140-150cm, the dark green foliage is wrapped around a house-shaped mild steel frame to provide shelter. Each bird table has a metal ring inside to hang your feeder from.

Pick one up today and the birds in your garden will love you for it!