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Olea europaea / Olive Standard : 3L : 50-55cm High (exc pot)

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Olea europaea / Olive Standard : 3L : 50-55cm High (exc pot)

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3L 50-55cm

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The olive is an evergreen shrub with pointed, leathery, silvery green leaves which form a rounded head of foliage. They are native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basis, as well as northern Iran at the south end of the Caspian Sea. It produces creamy-white flowers during the summer months which turn into green fruits that ripen in the Autumn. This is an excellent specimen plant that will bring a Mediterranean feel to any garden, patio or conservatory. It makes an outstanding statement when multiple plants are used to frame the entrance to your home or garden. The olive is one of the most cited plants in western literature.
The olive tree is equally happy in a pot or planted in the ground - it prefers a sunny spot and free draining soil.
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