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Citrus unshiu / Satsuma Standard : 5L : 55-65cm High (exc pot)

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Citrus unshiu

Satsuma Standard

SKU: 01145
5L 55-65cm

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A lovely evergreen member of the citrus family, with lance shaped green leaves. Fragrant white flowers are followed by round orange coloured fruits with a thin skin. Probably of Japanese origin, the name satsuma refers to the province in Japan that the fruits were originally imported from. The plants are also now associated with the Mediterranean. They can be pruned to shape and lend a Mediterranean feel to garden planting. Unlike many citrus they rarely have any thorns. They are one of the hardiest of citrus, though still needing winter protection in this country.
Each Satsuma fruit will slowly ripen on the tree to a bright orange, perfect for brightening up a sunny window sill.
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